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Dooweet Agency is a PR company based in France. We are specialized in music business. During the development of our strong experience working with music bands, private companies & medias, we understood all their expectations. We had to globaly cover their needs.

We launched Global on early 2017, with the desire to bring all digital and physical marketing needed by our partners. We can develop a marketing campain adapted to your goals and we can help you establishing the perfect budget.

From your website creation to your advertisement on the biggest medias and most popular websites, feel free to discover our universe.

Global marketing

We work worldwide with more 1200 medias specialised in music, art, tatoos, women’s magazines.

Our partners are TVs, magazines, newspapers, radios, web medias and we have a strong street-team based in Paris, France.

Digital marketing

We can bring you a strong visibility on web medias and bring you a global positionning through internet. Added to this, we are the owners of some strong and very popular websites like Findiemerch.com, Parisrockfestival.com, Dooweet Agency and since 2016, we launched a new web media : The Wanton.

Creative content

We can create all your marketing supports. Our team can elaborate attractive websites, graphic templates, designs… We will drive you from the very start of your project to its success.

All the content created by our team is yours.

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What we do

For you & your projects
  • We create content to develop your image
  • We bring this content to medias on & offline
  • We guaranty you a strong and real exposure
  • We give you all visibility you need thanks to our experience
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    Targeted Broadcast

In & Out Advertising

We can advertiste on our own websites or through medias.


Direct marketing

Only 17% of the global budget is used to create all the content needed.


Sells marketing

59% of your budget will be directly dedicated on the selling process.


Digital marketing

24% of the budget is employed for digital, online & offline marketing.


Our customers are companies involved in Rock & metal culture, music and art.

Modern designs

We bring you the most modern and performant designs and works to improve your image.

Web presence

Improve your internet presence through marketing plans made only for you and adapted to your needs.

Retina brains

Each single detail needs to be pushed to its best. And this is exactly how we work.

Animation & Passion

We never forget that each project started because of a crazy idea or a totally involved passion.


You are the owner. Sources files will be given to you at the end of our collaborations.


We adapt your communication to world’s events, people feelings and datas we receive.


We work for you and with you, respecting your ethics, your needs and what you like.


We are here to support you, feel free to ask everything you need.